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Welcome to the official Campaign Website of Gregory "Greg" Michalek.



Candidate for Representative in the General Assembly, in the Ninth Legislative District of Pennsylvania.


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Our country is on a fast track for growth and prosperity. We need fresh ideas and more enthusiasm for the expansion of jobs in our district. I will work hard with new ideas and more aggressive marketing to make this happen if elected. It is time for change.



Democrat representatives have held this seat for a long time. Since 1970 the Lawrence County Population has decreased approximately 29%. Taxes have more than quadrupled. It is a catch 22 that is affecting many areas in our Commonwealth. Our current representative has been lax or absent in the response to this escalating problem.



We have lost jobs in all industries. Major companies have left. Attempts to attract new employers have met with some temporary success, but when the tax credits ran out, so did the employer. They took their jobs and other tax revenue with them.



Market forces and larger economic shifts may have been a main contributing factor in these losses. When companies were seeking to relocate, or establish operations in the area; our current representative has been known to be apathetic, uninterested, unavailable or otherwise occupied with a photo opportunity.



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