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Union activism, helped make America a great and prosperous nation. Unions fought for and won many of the privileges and benefits that most workers enjoy today. You did the lion’s share of work that built the United States into the country we enjoy.


Why do you l support the party that has been intent on apologizing to the world, about the prosperity that was built by the blood and sweat of your membership? How can you support a political machine that laughs at the progress you have brought about? They fight for people here illegally. Most of who will work for minimum wage, or less. Workers that do not care about the benefits you have won.


Why do you support the demands of movements, which are setting back, worthy causes which you have championed? You seek equal opportunity for everyone, not the opportunities to play victim. You are better than Democrats are willing to admit.


Our vanishing middle class was established by your actions. Why do you allow your leadership to support Politicians that claim that those gains were immoral and undeserved?


It baffles many, how the hard working Union member cannot see that the very party you helped build, has abandoned union rank and file membership. You are forced to line the pockets of politicians, that undermine you claim to believe.


Think about it. Which major political party seeks to create, and bring back jobs, and industries, that can make your efforts relevant again? Why do you turn your backs on the people that can give your membership the opportunity to grow?


Republicans welcome, and support, your hard work. Encourage your prosperity. We will never apologize for the nation you helped build.


I support “Right to Work” legislation. No employee should, as a condition of their employment, be required to pay dues or fees. This should be expanded to include involuntary deductions for federal, state and local taxes. Authorizations for any deductions should be renewed annually.


I will actively work to reduce unnecessary regulations that stifle the growth and planting of businesses in Pennsylvania.


Paid for by Committee to Elect Gregory Michalek