Energy Production and Independence


I support the development of all energy resources within Pennsylvania. This includes both conventional and unconventional development of gas and oil production; and encompasses, wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, coal and nuclear.


With few exceptions, energy exploration and production is producing economic benefits for Pennsylvania. Taxing production will not benefit Pennsylvanians. I would not support severance or excise taxes on a State level. Well pads should be required to publicly post a list of chemicals and compounds that are injected into the ground, and at least the OSHA required MSDS available for public review, not just employee use. In November 2018, a chemical leak and fire at a fracking chemical storage facility in Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, resulted in releases that caused water to gel and eventually solidify.




Fracking is still a point of contention in many communities in our area. I do not believe that the process is as harmful as opponents claim, but I do not believe it is as safe as the industry claims. At least one company, (Chesapeake Energy Corporation) admits that they cannot purchase commercial liability insurance that covers their operations.


If we are to continue development of nuclear facilities permits must include viable ways of eliminating long term radioactive wastes. What we use today should never present a lasting burden for our children. Whether it be from storing spent fuel or protection from decommissioned reactor building.

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