Government, at any level, cannot provide anything for you that it has not taken from someone else. A government does not produce any sellable goods.


I would support the proposed constitutional amendment which would reduce the size of the State Legislature. Additionally, I would look to the legislature to take a proactive lead in cutting spending by reducing compensation package, eliminating retirement plans, and eliminating the per diem expense option. All expense reimbursement requests should require receipts.


The State of Pennsylvania does not have a revenue problem, it has spending problem. Although many people call for cuts in spending, when it comes to allocating the reductions, almost all people become NIMP “Not in My Program” budget cutters. Cutting management and leading by example should be the first steps considered. Starting with GAAP reports, all agencies need to be held accountable for all tax revenue expended. If monies cannot be accounted for, the budget should be reduced by that amount.


I will support the continuing efforts, and work with other elected officials, to keep budgets within existing revenue limits.

Paid for by Committee to Elect Gregory Michalek